Monday, June 3, 2013

Texting Time

What are your fondest memories of any relationship? 

The infancy of any relationship is extremely important. You do not owe him anything at this stage, so feel free to adopt a persona, someone that is intriguing and self confident. Yes you can. It's not lying; it's suggestive information that assists in attracting men. Everyone enjoys being someone else, even if for just a day.

When you're sent a text or ever asked the question "so, what have you been up to" your response should incorporate the following.
- You’ve been busy, fun busy
- Gym
- Something creative

- Any type of social function.
- Rock climbing
- Shooting range
- Sexpo
- Any type of media event
- Fashion show
- Theatre
- Insert topics that make you smile

You get the point? Anything that tells me you're an interesting human that hasn't been waiting by the phone for my text or phone call. In regards to that, when you're in the courting stages, and a male attempts to contact you, please Do not do the following:

- Answer the call immediately, in fact don't answer
- Respond to a text within 45 mins
- Call him back within 15 mins if you do miss the   call
- If he doesn’t answer your return call, PLEASE  DO NOT  send him a text saying.... I'm sorry I missed you're call, I just missed it, I tried to call you but didn't answer, anyway, call me, I'll answer for sure next time.

This tells me two things: 

1. You’re desperate.
2. It will be extremely easy for me to get laid. 

I get it, this part of the relationship sucks, however it's like building a house, it all starts with the foundation. These first actions and reactions set the theme and the tone of the relationship. Do us both a favor and make sure it's built solidly. Later in the blog I'll show you how to find cracks and ways you can repair them.

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Till the next time you have the pleasure of receiving me in your inbox.


  1. Men are easily irritated, that is true. But seriously, it's not like that all the time. If you are investing your time in useless things and they are texting you then definitely you have no excuse not to get back to them. With all due respect, I disagree with this post especially with the two conclusions of them texting you when you're doing that stuff. It's just plainly wrong.

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