Thursday, March 1, 2012

Text him...text him not....text him?

How many times do you check your "Smartphone"?

I have had many of you ask me for an interpretation of various text messages from particular males in your life.

Text interpretation is almost impossible. You can show the same text message to three people and get three different opinions... You're going to decide which one suits your mood best, most likely the one that makes you smile, gives you hope. Hey, who wants to interpret things realistically? I do. 
I'll give you the best and worst case scenarios.

But before messages are interpreted, let's go through some do's and don'ts of texting the NEW men in your life. The when and when NOT'S... The time to wait and the time to text. All these moments lead to men wanting to continue the pursuit and men giving up the chase as they have a bigger fish on the hook.

If you have been approached and invited into the courting process, please begin with written communication. This is important.

This allows you to gauge whether or not you have just been hit on by a possible jack the ripper copycat, it  also allows you time with your thoughts before responding to certain questions.

It also tells the male, 'you want me, chase me.' Contrary to what some female dating enthusiasts will tell you, if he's into you then he's into you, all the game playing will not change this. From me to you, if you read this anywhere or are told this from someone; ask your girlfriends how many men are communicating with them now and how often are they cuddling up to their body pillow (vibrating feature optional)? 

Men love anything that involves a thrill and some competition, mentally or physically. Sure, give me your number, I'll call you, take you out and give you the greatest 4 minutes of your life, when I get you back home and use you for my pleasure. Will I call you again? Maybe, if I'm bored and I have no one else giving me anything, then why not. Want to keep me, make me chase, make me beg, offer me something different, show me I'm still a man and have to work for it. It makes it all the more rewarding for us and coincidentally you.

We can all agree that everyone, nowadays, has the ability to communicate in the palm of their hands. Most carry this device with them closely, most check it every 7 mins, keep this in mind when reading the following:

The first text is key. Like a first impression in a job interview, your response and the time it takes to respond will be judged. Text me back too quickly and I know that you have been waiting for me to text eagerly. Make me wait to long and I'll begin to think you are arrogant and my follow up texts will be short and sweet. I want to gain the ascendancy...I'm a man, remember.

Next post I will go through the response times depending on the time of initial text. This post will be one you will want to tell your friends about.

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Till the next time you read from me...


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  2. Debate away. The more questions you ask, the more i can help you... one at a time, or altogether ;-)

  3. What if this guy has a girlfriend and the woman that likes him has a boyfriend. Should that woman message him to see if things spark?

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