Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wanna F#%K?


It all starts with…

Where were we? Ah, yes, the player and his conversation with his new found friends. Let’s recall his opening question. This is what the “players” refer to as the ice breaker, the approach, the pack bust (if in a group of friends) the extraction, project getaway. (now there’s a reality TV show I’d like to see, could even star in)

“ Excuse me,  I was hoping you could help me with a slight conundrum”. (Women love conundrums.) “My friend has been dating this girl for two months now, the other night his so called “friend” went to his house and saw a photo of him with his ex girlfriend, still in a frame proudly displayed in the living room. She was not impressed and demanded, ok asked for him to take it down.  Do you think she was in the wrong to ask him to take it down? ...I should make mention that his X recently passed away”.

I want to reiterate that most men cannot and do not approach women in this detailed way. If you are on the receiving end of this kind of approach, your spidey sense should be well and truly tingling. As much as he seems intriguing, he is also misleading.


The reason most men can only open (begin a conversation) with... “hello” is simply this: it’s extremely daunting for a male to build up enough courage to approach a single woman, let alone approaching you when you are amongst your friends.

Think back to your last social outing. Were you in a bar/nightclub, restaurant or café? Did you get that sensation of a strange set/s of eyes staring at you? Through you?. It doesn’t seem to end… You look up and there is a stranger who has locked onto you. Once he realises you realize, he looks away. 15 mins later that strange man that has been staring at you approaches and says “Hello” to which you will most likely coldly respond…ummm, “Hi”. Most of you wont respond at all. He walks off feeling dead inside. What was his mistake? Besides making you feel like you were a gift in a shop window?

Know this: “Players” have a 5 second rule. They will choose their target and as soon as she looks up and acknowledges the stare…Yes that same stare that the apparent weirdo was entertaining earlier. The "Player will approach" The difference is timing…A player will be over to you in a flash with some appropriate words of wisdom about your clothing, jewellery, shoes or lipstick. The conversation will not begin with what you many of you consider a simple and boring “hi”.

Why is this? Do you think that there may have been a significant  moment in time when a confidant male approached a female with a smile and said “ Hello”, the woman replied with a smile back… “hi” to which the man responded “wanna fuck?” …SLAP! From that day onwards the word “Hello” had two separate meanings for woman OR this could just be my warped sense of things.

However this would explain why today’s modern bad boy, “player”, had to adapt…evolve if you will. You know, if life gives you lemons…So they changed “the game”, they went about removing the word most women dread hearing when they are socializing and they replaced it with various scenarios to relax those they were courting…and it works, all too well.

So here is an overview into “the player”, his approach and opening:

* The girl he first speaks to (opens) is not the girl he will end up with.

*  The girl who responds first is usually the nice girl of the group, he will use this girl to filter out her friends.

* the girl who comments negatively or sarcastically will automatically be responded to with a tongue in cheek joke at her expense, her own friends will laugh at her.

This same friend will then be annoyed as to why all the attention is not on her, as per usual.

She will then ignore the conversation and look to distract herself by using her Iphone or equivalent. Angry birds anyone?

At this point the player will make another remark towards her…along the lines of, Oh, are we boring you? OR the player will utilize this moment and invite her to the Bar to get a drink. Very rarely will the target declie. She will want the attention back on herself. Curiosity will kill the cat. 

Game set and match “player” wins & most importantly the target has been isolated. Now the real fun begins. 

The next part of my blog will guide you through the one on one meet and greet and I will explain the steps to either escaping the scam or making this one your man.

Till the next time you stare deeply into my webpage.