Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You say goodbye and I say hello Hello, hello ...

Now that the recap has brought those that are new to the blog up to date, let’s bring you all up to speed with the trials and tribulations of the dating game.

Note: I will emphasise the word “GAME”. You may hate the fact that I am calling it a game. “Dating shouldn’t be this hard”, I hear you say… “If he wants to play games then I don’t want to be involved”. Then I have some news for you…you’re already involved. There are very few relationships that are formed on friendship and friendship alone.

Let’s take the most romantic film of all time…

50 First Dates. – Adam Sandler. Mr. Romantic himself & Drew Barrymore.

What?! You were expecting, The Notebook? Titanic?

Nope…50 First Dates.
Okay, it really isn’t the most romantic film of all time but this film is all about “The Game.”

Short Synopsis:
One time “player” meets girl, player likes girl, player schmooze’s girl, player falls for girl, girl likes player, player is ecstatic... girl has short-term memory! Player has to do it all over again and again and again…you get the idea. In all honesty, it’s not the worst film in the world.

Even if a relationship is based on friendship, there will be a moment when one of you (boy or girl) flirts with the opposite or same sex. Now, as soon as that first fleeting flirting (say that fast 5x) moment takes place, the game has begun. Most of the time the game is played by a “Player” who is after one thing…actually two things, your contact details, and SEX. Not always in that exact order. 

These so called “players” of the game are the men that I would like most of you to try and avoid from now on. How? Well, hopefully the information I offer in this blog will allow you to see him coming and step out of the way…or slap. Your choice.

So let’s start at the start…the initial meeting. As “players” call it, the approach, the pitch or the opening.

Below is a short survey. 

In my next blog I will explain the various responses in detail and give you an insight into the various men and their various approaches. All are for a different reason and all work, it just depends on if the “players” can find the right target. Hell, this is a game after all.

I promise I will post shortly…while you wait, send this blog link to all your girlfriends. Post it on Facebook…get it out on Twitter! Speaking of which, (bad segue), any one who has a twitter account can follow me @ kentclrkreveals.

Till the next time we enjoy each other’s company…

PS – Don’t forget you can comment down below. Anonymously, if you wish. I will endeavour to answer all comments. The more I read from you and your friends, the more I/we can help each other.


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