Friday, June 3, 2011

THE C WORD...Not that one...THAT ONE!

Some view the world as a small place, others feel it’s quite large and can sometimes be overwhelmed by it all. No matter large or small, there are some common themes that cannot be argued.

The world is round (thanks Chris). The sky is blue, water is wet, women love shopping, especially when they are using someone Else's money... and men... Men hate the C word. YES that word!

I suppose I can use myself and this blog as a prime example. I enticed you by offering information that men would never divulge. I said i would give you an insight into our games, traits, tricks and techniques. 

My blog was meant to fill you in on who and what to look out for pre-relationship, what to take note of during your relationship and who not to be with after your relationship...the latter is the simplest. It’s usually the guy you have just walked out on. 

Our relationship started on good terms, and then the dreaded two month itch set in. You have all felt that itch, some choose to ignore it...I had to scratch it. Miles away on my own. 

I failed, I let you down, all of you. I awoke one night in a cold sweat and saw that big C looking me right between the eyes. I tried everything to please it (sigh) to no avail. I couldn’t do it...I couldn't coooommmmii... I cant even say it, I’m like the Fonz from the TV show “Happy Days,” he had trouble articulating the the word “sorry.” or “I’m wrong.”

Sadly, most men are like me. We suffer from the same illness, diagnosed as the big C. The C word reminds us that we are locked in. For some it’s as if we are in a jail cell with Bubba our cellmate, (he loves the C word), with very few chances of escape or solitude.  So instinct kicks in and we look for greener pastures. We give you the reasons you’ve all heard before

~ It’s not you it’s me

~ Hi honey, I’ll be working late tonight (repeat x5)

~ I need to find myself

~ I think we would be better off as friends

~ I can’t give you what you deserve

~ I just got offered a new job... on Easter Island

I will not be using any of these lines. I'm here to stay, I want a relationship with all of you. YOU...complete me. I promised an insight into men as never before written. I'm here to tell you, I am COMMITTED. (I SAID IT!)

Hopefully one of the favorite players tricks men love to use will work. They call this the push/pull technique. Supposedly you will take me back with open arms and I can fulfill my promise of the big C. Yes that one.

The next blog will be one you will want to share with your friends, so make sure you pass it on. It’s time I gave you all something to gossip about.

Till then


  1. :O Why man? Why cant I commit?


  2. @Anonymous

    Hi Joey,

    Thanks for posting.
    Its not that you "CANT" commit, Its that you "dont want to" for now, in fear that there may be something better right around the corner.

    Normal for men and ok if you are single. If you are in a relationship, maybe you should give your partner the link to this blog...After she reads the next few posts, you may find that she has given you the easy way out.

    All the best