Saturday, January 15, 2011

No road is long with good company.

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. Happy New Year and welcome to The Blog That Men Don’t Want Women To Read.

So what was your New Year’s resolution? Mine was this blog…and to make a commitment to YOU, dear reader. 

I am here to offer insight into the male psyche on dating and women as never written before. You will come to think of me as the gay male friend you always wanted but never had…except that I’m straight and I am going to tell you how it really is, without fluffing your pillows. I’ll leave that to your new man. 
Now I know there is a plethora of relationship and dating guides out there for women, but you’ll agree they are strangely incomplete. Some concentrate on certain areas of relationships but don’t delve deep enough into others, leaving you with a pleasant but unsatisfied feeling (most of you reading may know this feeling all too well). I’m here to stimulate you, to peak your curiosity, to make you see that YES WE CAN, YES I CAN! 

“Good guys" do exist; you just don’t know how to find us. I'll show you how. Contrary to some beliefs, not all men are bastards 

I will discuss men’s behaviour during the various stages of a relationship; what I like to refer to as the relationship arc. I'll provide you with information to help you avoid the treacherous pattern.

The angst-ridden pre-dating ritual;
the unpredictable mid-relationship rollercoaster;
 the never-saw-it-coming, yet oddly inevitable break up;
the emotionally,  physically and spiritually exhausting recovery;
and, with Kent Clark out of the picture, no hope of the Happily Ever After.

These are crazy times. What gentlemen once referred to as the courting period, players now refer to as The Game. I’ll give you tips on how to scope out and avoid the false charisma, empty charm and arrogance of the “true player”.  You will rediscover the power of the vagina. Learn to use it to your advantage. Ladies, it’s time to get liberated.

*Tip: The more you make us wait, the longer we will date. FACT!

This is a forum for open discussion, so please feel free to post questions and comments. You can do so anonymously.  I will endeavor to respond to each one with my honest opinion. Unlike the minutemen you may have experienced in the past, I won’t leave you disappointed.

Here’s a line from Jerry McGuire that I think best sums up my philosophy (BTW, if you haven’t seen this film, make it a priority. It’s a great movie to watch with or without your partner. It was also Tom Cruise before he messed up Oprah’s couch):

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And remember, in a big, bad world, it pays to be good.

Much love in the pursuit of life,


  1. Hi,
    Ok so I have never written on any relationship based internet article but this one really intrigued me and I liked your mission statement how you want to weed out the players from the good guys.
    I am 36 and I want to get married and have kids soon well one day I just dont want to waste my time on someone that doesnt want the same things.
    Ok so my question is I have been dating this guy for over a year and everytime I ask "can you see a future with me " he replies in anger "why do you always bring that up" or he says "why ruin this moment". I like this guy but just want to know if he wants to marry me.
    Also the other day I went to his house after work to surprise him and he came out of the house shut the front door and rudely asked "what i was doing there".
    What does this mean? Does he need time ??
    Any advice would help thank you.

  2. ok so i slept with my boyfriend on the 2nd date and we've been together almost 1 year... next month. so much for your tip..

  3. @Confused

    Hello Confused,

    Thanks for posting.

    What you are about to read is just my opinion. I cannot offer you any substantial advice, as I don’t know depth of your relationship. Here goes.

    Do you own a pair of Runners/Joggers? Please use them and run as far away from this guy as you can. Take your own advice “DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME”. The clock is ticking and you are wasting precious time in a revolving door of a relationship.

    I am so sorry but he does not want to marry you or anyone else at present. However he also does not want to lose you to someone else. Have you seen the movie Alfie? If not, that is your homework for this weekend. (Get the one with Jude Law)

    I can only gather that after you question him about where the relationship is going, he gets defensive and then quickly attempts to mend the situation with a bunch of flowers or a night out on the town. Am I right? This is what I call the band-aid fix and most women lap it up, so please don’t feel bad. This will continue time and time again…use it to your advantage especially when you know you are definitely on the way out.

    As for the time you went to his house to surprise him…WTF! Do you really want to marry or have a family with a man that wont let you inside the front door of his house? Look, unless he let you into the house afterwards and showed you the surprise you ruined was actually something he had bought for your birthday or anniversary, then leave. Now.

    I am quietly confidant that the only thing you interrupted was him in the middle of date night with another woman… or man, possibly wearing his or her ankles as earrings.

    In closing, he needs a lot of time, time you don’t have. So stop wasting it and vote with your feet. Move on to someone that will want the same things you want from a relationship. Don’t settle you will only end up miserable in the long run.

  4. @zzexybiatch

    Hi zzexybiatch,

    Congrats to you, I honestly hope you are both happy. There is an exception to every rule, however I am sorry to say this, you’re not it.

    Let me give you a brief description of what most likely transpired after your evening of sex. For this example I will be referring to your partner as Don Juan.

    Its Sunday afternoon, Don Juan (Donnie) receives a text from Barry.

    TEXT: Donnie, how’d it go? she seemed like she was up for it.

    Donnie: She was! Just getting home now, I’ve got some stories.

    Barry: Do tell.

    Donnie: You mean show. LOL ;-)

    Barry: You fucking serious. I knew I should have approached her first.

    Donnie: Check this out.

    Barry: Get me some tissues!!! OMG! You the man. You hooking up again?

    Donnie: Yeh gotta keep this one on the go. Super keen.


    And now you are the happy couple. When you met Don Juan’s friends for the first time, did you get that strange sense that people were staring at you strangely?

    I am quietly confidant that you don’t see Don Juan’s friends too often. Glad you are reading my tips.

    I sincerely wish you both all the best.