Sunday, January 30, 2011

The K.I.S.S. principle


I am highlighting and capitalizing this for you, not because I think you are simple-minded, but simply because this is one statement that you need to lock into your mind. Pass it on to your friends, daughters and granddaughters. Immediately.

Most men have an extremely hard time understanding our favorite subject...YOU. Women. Ironic, huh? That’s also the reason I read and re-read all the "pick-up" books, because men have little to no clue about the way women think. It’s safe to say you feel the same way about men. Enter Kent Clark and his blog.

Though we are simple creatures, we come in many forms. Below are two extreme examples of men you will most likely never encounter in your life. However, like Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster, some believe that these men do exist. After watching these videos you will further understand my previous post about the necessity of “the list”.


Notice the two extremes. One is based on primal instincts. The other has been spawned since the dawn of time, based on the fairytale that most women want in their personal lives.

Sadly for you, most men can’t deliver the complete fairytale that most of you have been brought up to believe is true. We are simply not built that way. We struggle with real emotion, unless we are watching some form of entertainment or sport. If we do show emotions during that time, you will inevitably kill the mood by posing questions that are irrelevant for that time and place. "Does my bum look big in this?", I hope you all realize that there is no correct answer for this question at any time, let alone whilst we are perusing a major sporting event.

Nowadays, most men show their love for their partners by posting on Facebook: I am in a relationship. If he really likes you, he may even mention your name and the current status of said relationship. Yes, this has made it easier for men to communicate their feelings. It may not be the “you complete me” moment you always dreamed of, but to the average male it means just as much.

As days and blogs go by, I will elaborate on the differences between men and women. I will highlight the traits of both good and bad men, assisting you in avoiding the type who may lead you on a merry dance.

So, if you are in a relationship and he doesn’t have your name posted on his Facebook page and you do, ask him why.

If you are in a relationship for longer than 6 weeks, yet you haven’t met his friends, family or work colleagues…ask yourself why.

If you ever randomly bump into one of his friends or “acquaintances” and he introduces you as his friend, or worse yet, as just “Hi, this is” “insert your name”, tell him to fuck off.

Till the next time I type.


  1. hi there kent. i am very intrigued by your blog and until now, i agreed with you and have had nothing to comment about. now, i have actually met the man that is better than tom cruise in that movie, because let's face it, jerry maguire was kinda lame a little crazy in the head. my man of two years is actually a real life prince charming, who rescued me from the evils of my life, and romances and charms me a little everyday. but...

    your facebook comment stuck out to me because his status is that he is in a relationship, when in fact, we have been engaged for 1 year and 4 months. my facebook status says that i am engaged, i also have photos of him posted. he has none of me. although i have asked him many a time, he has yet to change his status to engaged. we have also been invited to 6 or 7 weddings in the past year, more than half of which were engaged AFTER we were, and he still will not humor me to discuss any thoughts about our wedding, even though i have clearly explained to him that i can wait another year or two for the actual day.

    why is this? and what do i have to do next to get his attention? maybe he will see your fabulous blog and one day get the hint. change his damn status on facebook, and have one discussion about wedding plans. till then...

    xo - a california girl at her wits end

  2. @Anonymous

    I wish they all could be Californian…

    Separate Tom from Jerry (they fight quite often) and watch the film Jerry McGuire again. He takes a calculated approach and instead of leading his lover on, they both take time out. He travels a lonely road and sorts himself out, before returning to claim what it is he loves most.

    I am elated to read that my blog is resonating with some of my readers.

    You say that he is your prince charming, who rescued you from the evils of your life, and romances and charms you a little everyday… I say, “fuck facebook”.

    As I stated in my blog, MOST men state their love by posting it on facebook, because they lack communication skills. They don’t know how to share their emotions. It would seem you have quite the opposite. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride. I know many people who don’t even have a facebook account. There are also those that rarely use it. Damn you Zuckerberg.

    If the Facebook thing concerns you, talk to him about it, the man you have described seems like he is open to conversation.

    As for the wedding date…can you really wait another year or two? If that’s what you have told him, then that’s your mistake…the way he sees it, there is still plenty of time. Men love doing things at the last minute. Most men will have little input into the BIG day. Take the reigns and whip him into action.

    Hope I was able to give you more to think about.

    Thanks for reading.